Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a brother of their hearts

In Memory of Ezri Shahrizan
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i recently made some new friends on flickr dot com. these two twin sisters, Leen and Leena lost their beloved brother Yang on 10 June 2006. He was a young man of 38 when he passed on due to a heart attack.

My heart goes out to them for their loss, the love they had for their brother and how Yang loved his sisters.

i've taken this tribute from Leen to her brother from her flickr page.

i've also come across Leena's tribute. read it here

In My Fantasy ~ by Leen Lopez

In my fantasy,
There will be no death
Of the ones that I care
And love dearly

In my fantasy
There will be no hatred
Where only love rules
Over jealousy or animosity

In my fantasy
There will be no debt
Where I slave myself
To get the bills paid

In my fantasy
My siblings will get along
Where we tell one another
How much they mean to us

In my fantasy
There won’t be a divorce
Where all couples
Get along exceptionally

In my fantasy
The greed never existed
To even be thought of
And everybody’s content

In my fantasy
Never once have I forgotten
To tell everyone who matters
Of how much I love them

In my fantasy
Papa’s still alive
Bird hunting on weekends
Maybe he’d take Ryan too

In my fantasy
Mama’s still shopping
Tirelessly and impatiently
To see her smile of pleased

In my fantasy
Yang would be on the phone
Talking to my son
His sneer at the story of Ryan

But then again
This is all a fantasy
If only I could
Turn back the clock
There won’t be any demise
I’d tell them tirelessly
Of how much I love them

But then again
This is what is call life
Everyone will go one day
But for all who’s still living
To remember that
This so called life
Is just way too short


kentucky wildcats' fan said...

Ok you just made me bawl like a baby here. Oh my Gosh, Corey!!! This is just too sweet and I really don't have a word. Your thought and gesture left me speechless. Thank you so much for this. You have absolutely no idea how honored I am. Bless your heart, Corey. You have made my day. Dang it! I need to start having Kleenex handy. *hugs*

Kentuckianasian said...

Hey Corey,

You're a sweetheart. This entry has opened the floodgates big time. Thank you so much for the great words *hugs*

TwoHands said...

Leen & Leena,

there's not much i can do to help with your pain and your loss. i can only sympathise. but i rejoice in the love the both of you have for Yang and i'm sure he feels it too where he is, in the embrace of God.

Leena ~ i wanted to blog your tribute here as well, but you did not allow blogging from the flickr page, and i respect that.

hugs from across the oceans and miles.


Kentuckianasian said...

Ooppps! My bad. The setting was set by default. I've made necessary changes. I don't have a problem you blogging any shots from my photostream. As a matter of fact, I'll be truly honored