Monday, September 12, 2005

budget airline?? backside airline more like it

i've actually wanted to write about this a few months back but i never got around to it as i deem it really unimportant. reading a newspaper article brought back the memory and here i am, writing about the shitty air asia.

in may this year, we took a trip to penang and i booked the plane tickets way back in march. all the crap about RM9.99 is bullshit. i paid over a hundred ringgit per person for the tickets and to my chagrin Malaysia Airlines was having some promotion and tickets were actually cheaper than the fucked up air asia.

we can't cancel on air asia, they charge you about fifty ringgit per person to change any flight details. they do not inform you of any flight cancellations and neither do they inform you if they change your flight to a later, earlier or even to a totally different day.

oh yeah, they also can't seem to be on time. our flight was for 9.10pm from KLIA and to arrive at penang international airport around 10pm. guess where were we at 10pm? still on the tarmac at KLIA, waiting to taxi to the runway. and what time did we reach? within 30 mins. how's that possible? it's suppose to be a 45 min flight!!?? yeah right! heard of the term "cutting corners"? well, air asia was cutting corners all right. instead of smooth curves, the pilot thinks that he's on a F1 race track and just makes abrupt sharp turns where the passengers can feel that the plane is at an angle of almost 45 degrees and is leaning against the person seated next to him.

will i fly air asia ever again? at those cut throat prices? with those kamikaze pilots? at those fucked up terms and conditions? hmmm... do i really look like a fucking schmuck ready to be conned again by the backside airline?

Malaysia airline here i come.

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