Thursday, September 22, 2005

reader or writer

most of us read, but how many of us write? i'm not talking about writing books, or even articles, but just for the love of writing for your own pleasure.

with blogging, a lot of us are writing our experiences, some of us write to blow off steam, some write just because.

now, most of us read, some voraciously, some leisurely and some purely just on a need-to basis.

are there more readers than writers? i suppose so. it's human nature to want to know about another person's thoughts/views/opinion/life. but to write something for others to read, regardless whether fact or fiction is like exposing a part of oneself to the world, because it's what in a person's mind. therefore there are a lot of anonymous writers/bloggers out there, with nary a photo to associate them with anyone or anything, much less a photo on their profile page. i can understand if someone remains anonymous is they are well-known or famous, but most of us are everyday janes and everyday joes. again it all boils down to whether we're secure enough to show a part of ourselves to the world.

on the other end, there are those who flaunt their words, they will try to get as much viewership/readership as possible. am i one of them? surely you jest.

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