Sunday, September 04, 2005

of flesh and blood

daddy vincent, my father-in-law will be going in for surgery on tuesday morning. he's got a growth the size of his stomach outside his intestines in his abdomen. he's scared, very worried and very scared.

daddy vincent has always been a very proud and never-show-my-weakness kind of man. basically a very macho, man's man. recently, he's gotten so frail, and weak and old. my husband and i went back to the bangsar house to see him today and he's really, really weak. he's in so much pain, and he gets giddy if he sits up for too long. we were there for about eight and a half hours, and he's lying down on his bed for most of the time. it breaks my heart to see him like that.

the outspoken, proud man is showing his tender side. he's accepting massages, a helping hand to stand and walk, telling us that he loves us.

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