Friday, September 23, 2005

can i afford it?

i was thinking of bringing out the old nikon and buy a couple of rolls of film and do some film photography. the only thing is, i don't know if i can afford to shoot in film. the buying of film, the development...

i never even thought of the cost 15 years or so ago when i was still in school. joining the photography club is not a cheap hobby. i'm sure i was pretty stingy with whatever shots i took, not like nowadays with my lil digital point and shoot - oh, don't like this shot? just delete it. no money to buy photo paper to print? just look at it on your screen.

i'm just hoping that taking photos on a slr is like riding a bicycle. after all these years, i don't know if i still remember how to work one.

i'm just so disappointed that i lost a lot of my stuff during the shifting of homes years ago. all the photos that i took way back then all went missing, not to mention all my enid blyton, and my beano and dandy, loads more stuff =(

that's another story all together.

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