Sunday, March 26, 2006

am i man enough?

i've been thinking about my likes and dislikes recently and i've come to realise that i've got a lot of "manly" interests.

~ i love football (by football, i mean the european football, not the american game where they use their hands and hold the ball and run around, the only thing they do with their FOOT is to kick the ball. then why do they call it FOOTball???)

i love the game and yes, i do have a team that i support. in fact, i support 2 teams, one as a big time supporter and the second, well, as a small time supporter.

i love to watch a great game of football. yes, even when the team that i'm supporting is losing (i'll be very disappointed though). i like that better than the inconsistant and downright horrendous thing they do that they call 'referreeing'

~ i love formula 1. i've always been a die-hard mcClaren fan especially the late aryton senna and mika hakkinen. as the two greats no longer race in f1, i'm not so much a supporter of the team. i just enjoy the races and the GOOD driving skills. funnily enough, i've never been a fan of michael schumacher. hmm... i wonder why ;P

~ i like d.i.y. doing simple repairs, assembling, plumbing and all of those sorts have always been an interest of mine. i like to put things together and i like to know how things work.

~ i happen to prefer beer over cutesy cocktails. i prefer the taste. forget the beer belly and all that. gimme a beer rather than a cutesy pina colada. although i admit that there are times when i wouldn't mind a well put together cocktail with a kick.

~ i like war movies, especially those with loads of strategizing and fight scenes.

~ i like superheros and their comics. i have a secret kinda superhero alter-ego back in highschool.

~ i like spy books, and war books (in fact i'm a readaholic. i read anything and everything, even read a phonebook once coz there was no other reading material). so maybe this category doesn't really count, but what the heck.

~i like snooker. not pool, but snooker.

~ i like the sports section of the newspaper. i prefer that to the lifestyle section on most days. when i read the papers, i always save the sports section for last. looking forward to it eagerly whilst reading the rest of the paper first. definetely saving the best for last.

i do have my girly interests, but somehow or rather i've always prefered discussing a good game or a good race or a new way of doing up the house to a discussion of makeup and clothes and fashion. i figure that i AM man enough. that's why i'm a lady =D

besides, my 'manly' interests have brought my husband and i closer together. think about it, wouldn't it be nice if your wife enjoys a game or a race with your rather than having her sulk about it the whole time? *fluttering eyelashes with a coy smile*

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