Thursday, March 30, 2006

oyster is a bad boy

hubsterman and i had dinner at victoria station in taipan tonite. i'm normally very boring with my choices. i'll always have the parisienne garlic steak, whereas his choice is always a guess for me.

tonite he chose the carpetbagger. i was already tearing into my own juicy piece of meat when his order arrived at the table. he took a bite and instantly asked be to take a whiff of the oysters sandwiched in the middle of the steak. i took a sniff and a taste. they bad. totally off.

he got the waiter to take his steak away and changed his order to a garlic steak (no point taking his chances with the oysters again).

they fired up his order pretty quick and when he cut into the meat, it was rare (he ordered medium). it was more than rare. infact, it look raw. again the plate goes back into the kitchen. guess they nuked it and this time it came back perfect.

did we tip them? yup.

will we go back? yup.

will we order the carpetbagger again? not on your life.

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