Wednesday, March 22, 2006

drifting anchors

sometimes i look back in life and wonder where the people we call our friends are at now.

the people from our school days, our college/uni days, people we used to work with, play with and cry with.

i've got good friends from my school days who just live a couple of rows from my home, and some are a couple of continents away. it's an irony that my closest friends in school are the ones who are far away from me now. and then there were the ones from after school. where's nik? last i heard, he's somewhere in germany. where's zu? dunno. where's christina? where's ailene? where's justin? heard he's now some big shot in an ad agency in the u.s. where's bala and siva? where's eugene? heard he's with ibm. only one i kept in touch with was howie, but apparently he's now known as brian, or was it mike? dunno, he'll always be howie to me.

i've met loads, and i mean loads of people when i started working. some became friends, some moved on and the one i missed most is sendi. she married some prick and is now apparently somewhere in some farm in australia. haven't seen her for years. do i miss her? very much.

in recent years, i've met loads of new friends, and a bunch of them thru my husband. some are knuckleheads, and some are nice. will we stay friends? dunno. hope so. especially with the nice ones =)

as i look back at my life, i ask, "who are my friends?" "what are friends?" are they anchors? or drifters?

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